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dc.contributor.advisorAguirre, Juan Antonioes_ES
dc.contributor.authorLucia, T.
dc.descriptionTesis (Mag.Sc.) - IICA, Turrialba (Costa Rica), 1971es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe present study was conducted in the country of Turrialba, Costa Rica. The objectives were: 1) to evaluate the economic results, thru the input-output relationships of the dairy farms, 2) analyze the management practices being followed by the dairy farmers and to determine the possible influences of such practices on the economic results, 3) examine the institution’s marketing, and producers attitudes, as they relate to dairying and the implications of such relationships in the country dairy industry development. A detailed questionnaire was elaborated for interviewing. Only 4 farms had positive net return on investment. The average size of the group was 44 “manzanas”, 52 dairy animals and 22 dairy cows. The average total cost per unit of output is higher than the sale price per unit and that the average variable cost in lower. The farms should emphasize the use of fix as well as variable inputs. In terms of management it was found that the 40% of the herds were of Guernsey origin and were fed ample concentrate to supplement the pasture. Sanitary conditions were found in general highly inadequate. As conclusions: low levels of development in the area determined primarily by the poor road conditions; the managing of the unit is in hands of foremen, larger dairies usually have other agricultural activities; small diaries were more efficient, the owners play an active role managing the unit; under the present conditions herd improvement should take priority in the investment pattern, and the production does not seem to be very economic, however the area has potential to respond to new technology.en_En
dc.publisherIICA, Turrialba (Costa Rica)es_ES
dc.subjectCOSTA RICAes_ES
dc.titleAlguns fatores que afetam o desenvolvimento da industria leiteira do cantáo de Turrialba, Costa Ricaes_ES
dc.typeTesis de maestríaes_ES

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