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dc.contributor.authorLopes, C.R
dc.contributor.authorMonaco, L.C
dc.description.abstractFlavonoids were analysed in fourteen cultivars of C. arabica in order to establish additional information for their characterization. The flavonoid types were used to study the genetic relationship among the most important cultivars of this economically valuable species. Forty seven different flavonoids were identified but only thirteen occurred in all cultivars studied. The comparative data rends support to previous information that Mokka and Caturra Vermelbo were major gene mutations which occurred in Bourbon Vermelho. The cultivated varieties on the other hand revealed characteristics which indicate their hybrid origin. Selections from India were shown to be closely related to the Arabica cultivar despite of the fact of being obtained from advanced populations of a cross between C. arabica and C. liberica. Four flavonoids were shown to occur exclusively in cuttivars selected in indigeneous coffee population of Ethiopia. The flavonoids studies reported in the present paper provided additional data about some of coffee cultivars whose origin was unkown.es_ES
dc.format.extent7 páginases_ES
dc.publisherInstituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)es_ES
dc.relation.ispartofTurrialba; Vol. 27, no. 1es_ES
dc.subjectCoffea arabica||Coffea arabica||Coffea arabica||Coffea arabicaes_ES
dc.subjectQuimiotaxonomía||chemotaxonomy||Taxonomia química||chimiotaxonomiees_ES
dc.subjectVariación genética||genetic variation||variação genética||variation génétiquees_ES
dc.subject.otherSede Centrales_ES
dc.titleEstudios de quimiotaxonomía en cultivares de Coffea arabica L.es_ES
dc.title.alternativeChemotaxonomic studies on Coffea arabica cultivarses_ES
dc.title.alternativeEstudos de quimiotaxonomía em cultivares de Coffea arabica Les_ES

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